Mega Millions Jackpot Won in Westlake

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- A winning Mega Millions ticket was sold right here in Northeast Ohio this week.

An office pool in Westlake won the $41 million jackpot after they bought their ticket at a deli next door.

Fourteen employees in the accounting department at Travel Centers of America, a truck stop company in Westlake, will now be splitting the prize.

The lucky group had an office pool and chose their own numbers.

"Great news!  We had 14 employees, apparently they have been playing lottery for 11 years, so they are all feeling pretty good today," said Tom Liutkus, a vice president of marketing at Travel Centers of America.

After winning the Mega Millions jackpot you would think that all 14 employees would take the day off or call in sick, but they all showed up for work.

Liutkus said he wished he was part of the winning office pool.

"It sure makes you think that it would have been great if I'd played my ticket," said Liutkus.

One winner that is talking about the Mega Millions jackpot is Mark Hadad, the owner of the Deli 4 Less on Center Ridge Road in Westlake.

The office pool bought their winning ticket at Hadad's deli, so he gets a fraction of the jackpot.

Hadad received his big honorary check Wednesday morning for $41,000. He says the winners are constantly in his store, which is about 50 yards away.

"They buy a bunch of tickets all the time together and they always come in excited, so every time they get winners they put them back in and they add more and they play more," explained Hadad.

Hadad says he's got some plans for his winnings.

"Probably funds for the kids for college.  Ya know, I haven't had a vacation in three years, it's due for a vacation," he told Fox 8 News.

Ohio Lottery officials say the winners have not come forward yet, but when they do,
they'll receive $1.1 million in annuity payments over 26 years or a lump sum payment of $21.3 million they would divide among themselves.