Fuel Efficiency is Key at Auto Show

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CLEVELAND -- Fuel efficiency is top of mind for most automakers anymore considering gas prices are hovering around $4 per gallon.

There are lots of options in the 2013 models and Honda and Toyota are leading the way.

Consumer Reports' latest numbers show the 2013 Honda Accord is once again the mid-size sedan king.

Its four-cylinder engine gets 30 miles per gallon in the city.

Starting around $23,000, you'll save money on gas and have a car that's roomy, fun and fashionable to drive.

The Civic hybrid gives you a mind-blowing 44 mpg city/highway!

Starting around $23,000 as well, this car is zippy and will save you tons in fuel in the long run.

Mark Lyon, of Northern Ohio Honda Dealers, said, "Honda is all about value.  One of our new family sedans is the 2013 Accord Sport.  Even this vehicle gets 35 miles per gallon.  Our Civic LX, an entry car, gets 39 mpg.  Our hybrid version gets 44 in the city or the highway, and a CRV in Cleveland is the best of both worlds.  It also has four-wheel drive."

Toyota sets the bar.  You'll save so much money on the Prius, they'll write you checks at the gas station (I'm kidding, but not by much).

Fifty mpg on average city/highway.  That's simply astounding.

Reliability is a key factor as well.

The Toyota hybrids are considered just as reliable, if not better, than any other model on their lots.

Now Toyota offers a plug-in Prius.  It's not available around the Cleveland area just yet, but soon.

Like many Prius fans do, you can drive to Virginia to pick one up.

Along with 50 mpg city/highway, the plug-in will give you an extra 10-14 miles on the front end before you have to use the gas in your tank.

And one more cool fact before I go, when it comes to maintenance on your Prius, you won't have to change your brake pads until after 120,000 miles or so.

The engines regenerate power when you slow the vehicle, hence less brakes needed.  Wow!

The Greater Cleveland Auto Show runs through Sunday.

The Chevy Impala and Traverse giveaway is Sunday afternoon, it's free to enter.  Parking is free!

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