Shots Fired at Funeral Cause School Scare

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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A gunshot pierced the opening prayer at the funeral for a homicide victim, sending over a hundred mourners fleeing into the street.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the shot ended the funeral and turned the Omega Baptist Church into a crime scene.

cedricCedric Morgan, 24, a rap artist, was shot to death last week near his East Cleveland home.

As the funeral began, East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton was in the back of the church.

"There was a bang," Mayor Norton said, "and many people said it was a gunshot. I heard one shot and it was about five feet away from where I was standing.

Norton says police responded quickly, and began a shooter search.

Nearby Chambers Elementary was put on lockdown.

Morgan often rapped about violence in his community, and his funeral never finished because of the shot.

Mayor Norton says Morgan was buried later in the day.

"I just hope that this family ... is able to get some peace of mind knowing he is with the Lord," Norton said.