Photos: Chardon Remembers

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  • People gather at gazebo

  • Principal Andy Fetchik speaks at gazebo

  • Emergency vehicles lead students towards square

  • Students by gazebo

  • Senior class officers at gazebo

  • Students hug at Chardon Square

  • CDs for Chardon students from United Way Geauga County and the Chardon Healing Fund

  • Students line up as they approach the square

  • Students approach the square

  • The gazebo where students and community members gathered

  • Memorial to Danny Parmertor

  • Memorial to Russell King, Jr.

  • Memorial to Demetrius Hewlin

  • Walk to Chardon Square

  • Students walk from Chardon High School to Chardon Square

  • Students walk to square

  • Students gather at the square

  • Gazebo at Chardon Square

  • Fire truck at day of remembrance event

  • Firefighters at day of remembrance event

  • Day of remembrance and renewal at the square

  • Students and staff head back to the school

  • Pictures of Danny, Russell and Demetrius at Chardon Square

  • Students and staff walk to Chardon Square

  • Chardon firefighters raise flag at the square

  • Chardon community members gather at the square

  • Workers at Beans Coffee Shop show their love for Chardon. (Photo from Lindsay Buckingham)

  • Chardon: one year later

  • Sign at Chardon Square. (Photo Credit: Fox 8 News)

  • Chardon: one year later

  • Chardon: one year later

  • People wearing Chardon Hilltoppers sweatshirts to show their pride (Photo from Lindsay Buckingham)

  • People gather at Chardon Square

  • (Courtesy: Kelly H.)

  • Lanterns are released. (Courtesy: Kayla)

  • (Courtesy: Kelly H.)

  • (Courtesy: Kelly H.)

  • (Courtesy: Kayla)

Healing, remembering, moving forward.

Photos are marking Chardon: one year later.

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