Intimidating Letter Sent Over Christmas Lights

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ELYRIA, Ohio -- A Christmas lights controversy has one family very upset and Elyria police investigating.

Rose Marie O'neal stays with her elderly mom to care for her and keep her company.

This Christmas she was feeling extremely grateful for all of her blessings and strung Christmas lights across the bushes and trees in her mother’s front yard.

“I just thought they were nice and I like looking at them, it reminds me of all the good things I have to be grateful about,” said a kind and warmhearted Rose Marie.

She continued turning the lights on past the holidays to break up the dreary winter nights.

She says she and her mother truly enjoyed looking at the beautiful, colorful display.

But this week someone left an extremely angry letter in the family's mailbox.

According to Elyria Police, it read, “Please take your d### Christmas lights down.  Christmas and New Year's have already passed and is no where near.  I’m tired of seein’ that s###.  Don’t make me tell you again. Thanks n####.”

“I’m just shocked and the way they said it was just so mean and nasty,” said Rose Marie.

The family doesn’t want any trouble but they also feel they should be permitted to have the lights on their property.

The display is not overdone and consists of only about a dozen or so strands of soft white and colorful lights.

Rose Marie says if anyone had asked her politely she would’ve absolutely turned them off.

She actually thought and hoped that the lights brightened people’s spirit, the way they inspired her and her mother.

“This year I’ve been grateful and I just thought they were nice and she liked them I just really enjoy having them out,” said Rose Marie.

Elyria Police are now investigating the letter as a case of “intimidation.”

If anyone has information on the person who wrote the letter they are asked to call Elyria police.

In the meantime, Rose Marie and her mother are just trying to make sense of the situation.

“It was just so much anger. I just had no idea anyone could have that much hate in them,” Rose Marie said.