VIDEO: Man Protects Wife From Intruder

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Allison Brown

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio -- A Middleburg Heights man took matters into his own hands over the weekend, as he protected his wife from what he calls a "dangerous intruder."

It happened on Saturday evening, just after 5 p.m., as Dennis Padden was coming home from running errands. He tells FOX 8 he had no idea there was a man on his front porch, kicking in the glass of his front door.

"I was going to go in the house, and I heard some crashing out in the front. I had no idea what it was," Dennis said.

His wife, Nelly, was inside of the Big Creek Parkway home at the time.

"He was crushing the door, and when he crushed the glass, that's the time I got scared because he reached the door knob," Nelly said.

At first, she thought that the man at the door was a solicitor.

But footage from a neighbor’s surveillance camera shows a much different scene.

“I said, 'hey what are you doing?',” Dennis recalled emotionally. “And he stopped what he was doing, raised up his arms and looked at me saying he was going to kill me."

Dennis tells FOX 8 he couldn’t see if the suspect had a weapon, but the man came at him. That’s why Dennis said he reacted.

"I wrestled him to the ground and subdued him," he said.

The homeowner said Middleburg Heights police showed up to the home a short time later, and the video shows a number of people taking the man down.

“He was totally incoherent. He couldn't answer any questions," Dennis said.

Middleburg Heights police are still working on the investigation, so they aren’t releasing many details.

The name of the suspect in the video has not been released, and it's not clear if charges have been filed.

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