Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (2/14)

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Fox 8’s Stefani Schaefer gave an update on her husband’s condition on Thursday.

Roger has been recovering since April after falling 12 feet off of scaffolding and suffering a serious brain injury.

Here is her post from her Facebook fan page:

“Thank you for all the wonderful Valentine’s Day wishes… how thoughtful of ALL of you. Thank you!!! I hope you are enjoying this Special Day. After work, I went to the hospital to see Roger. I felt like I was rushing out of there because I was doing the games for Siena’s Valentine’s Day party at school, but I was able to watch of little of his physical therapy. After I said goodbye, I went to his room to get his clothes so I could take them home to wash… and when I was leaving, I walked past the therapy room – but the doors were closed – which is very unusual. There was a small opening, so I peeked in just to say one more little goodbye, and I noticed several people on the floor. I looked further and saw Roger’s tennis shoes… I could tell he was laying down. The nurses and therapists were around him. His head was on a therapists lap.. they were all comforting him and checking all his pressures and numbers. Just as I walked out of the room, he started having a seizure or some type of episode. Thankfully, his wonderful therapists were holding on to him when it happened… and gently lowered him to the ground. When I came back in, he was alert, but wiped out from the episode. They took him in right away for another CT scan this afternoon and found even more fluid on the brain. (He didn’t sleep last night and wasn’t following basic commands very well this morning, and the episode all seemed very suspicious – so they wanted to do a CT scan to see what was going on). They are planning on doing surgery tomorrow to put the new brain shunt in to hopefully start removing some of that excess fluid. There’s also concern tonight that the PICC line that is administering his antibiotics is either infected, or maybe he has a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in that arm – So, now they are checking on that. The doctor just told me that since he is a late add-on for the ER tomorrow, his surgery will most likely be later in the day. Planning on going in to work tomorrow morning, since it will be before the surgery. Couldn’t rest unless I gave you an update. Thanks for all your prayers and support. I am blessed to have your support! Blessings and hugs! Hug those special people in your life… and never stop telling them how much you love them!”


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