Rethinking Race Kiosk Revealed

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By FOX 8's Roc Woodrum

AKRON-- The University Of Akron is hosting a program entitled "Rethinking Race."

As part of the two week event, a photo kiosk has been placed in the Akron University library where students can view digital images of themselves as a different race.

"The objective of the kiosk is to have people put themselves in different people of different races shoes," said Darnell Davis Jr. from "Rethinking Race."

The university hopes that by taking part in the imaging experience, it will promote conversation and hopefully open minds as well.

Carol Lipford, a sophomore at U of A, took time to have her image taken. "It did open my thinking a lot. It just shows that it's just your skin. It's who you are as a person that matters. You can change your face. You could change your race. human is human," said Lipford.

Another sophomore, Taye Davis, thought the experience was eye opening. "It's not the outer part of me that you should judge. It's the inner me, no matter how I look on the outside. I could be blue, black or purple. That does not define Taye."

I think bias has a lot to do with how people were brought up, and the experiences that they had with other people and other races. The way I look at it is everybody's human; until you show me you're either a bad person or a good person, you are just a person," said freshman Josh Hevener.

Abdullah Alkhulaiw, a visiting student from Kent, enjoyed the experience as well.  "It's really different to see myself differently. We all have the same organs in our body, We have the same bones in our body."

Program organizer Darnell Davis added, "We have 80 different nationalities here at the University Of Akron.  We want you to get the feeling we're not all different races. We're one race: the human race.  That makes the U of A a more diverse place."

The program is available through February 15.