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Basketball Coaches Fight in Front of Children

TWINSBURG-- Two youth basketball coaches on opposing teams were issued misdemeanor citations for fighting at a youth basketball conference Saturday afternoon at Pinnacle Sports Academy in Twinsburg.

A parent who witnessed the fight called 911.

911 Caller: "Yeah, there was a fight between two adult men at the Pinnacle Sports and it's a basketball game, Could you send some cruisers out here because these parents are out of control."

911 Dispatcher: "Are they physically fighting?"

911 Caller: "They were physically fighting in front of fourth graders."

Twinsburg police showed up and issued misdemeanor citations to the coaches: Tucker F. Neale, 40, of Strongsville and D'veron Harris, 29, of Plain Twp.

Over the phone, Harris said it was a small altercation.

However, according to one of the witnesses, who did not want to go on camera, the coaches were swinging at each other, and at one point, one of the coaches had the other in a headlock.

911 Caller:  "Nobody is injured, but you need to send police out here right now to send a message to the youth."

Parents we spoke with who have children who play sports feel coaches should set a positive example for children.

"There's got to be control. They're the adult. They are setting an example for the child," said Anne Patram.

"Keep calm. I mean, parents too. That's our job too," Melonie Slagle said.

The manager from Pinnacle Sports Academy said the coaches who were cited were part of a group renting the facility, and do not work for them. He had no further comment.

We left messages for Neale, but he has not responded.

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