VIDEO: Man Attacks Ex-Girlfriend in Court

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AKRON, Ohio -- Courtroom surveillance cameras captured terrifying moments as Rashad Greene, 30, of Akron, brutally attacked his ex-girlfriend as she sought a restraining order against him Friday morning.

"The judge notified Greene that he had outstanding warrants for his arrest and that he was going to be taken into custody after the hearing. The judge then went to check on the warrants with the bailiff," said Inspector Bill Holland, with the Summit County Sheriff's Office.

Thus leaving Greene alone with his grandmother and his 28-year-old ex-girlfriend in Magistrate Tracy Stoner's courtroom.

"You can see them yelling back and forth between each other. He gets up and goes one way to chase her and she reverses direction. She then stumbles, he reverses direction, and at that point strikes her," said Holland.

From there, the video shows Greene pounce on his ex-girlfriend and repeatedly punch her until a sheriff's deputy enters the room.

"Greene was then tazed and taken into custody, where he faces additional domestic violence and contempt of court charges," said Holland.

The victim was taken to an area hospital, treated and released.

"We have deputies in the courthouse. Never have we had a deputy in every courtroom. Staffing does not permit that. The deputy and the bailiff responded quickly and got everything under control. They did a great job," said Holland.