Teacher in Trouble Over Duct-Taped Students

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AKRON– Akron Public Schools say a teacher took a picture of her students with duct tape covering their mouths and posted the photo on her personal Facebook page as a joke, with the caption, “Finally found a way to get them to be quiet!!!”

Schools’ spokesperson Sarah Hollander says Melissa Cairns, who teaches math at Buchtel CLC, has been on leave since Oct. 19, 2012, when the district learned about the posting.

On Jan. 14, the school board voted to pursue termination.

Cairns requested a hearing to address the possible termination.

Akron Public Schools say about eight or nine middle school students put the duct tape on their mouths and the teacher took a picture of them.

A fellow employee noticed the photo and told a supervisor.

Cairns was hired by the district in 2007. She started at Buchtel in August 2012.

She was on paid leave until the board voted to consider termination. She has been on unpaid leave since Jan. 15.

FOX 8 News Reporter Dave Nethers went to Cairns’ home on Tuesday, to try and get a comment from her.

Cairns told Dave she was “not interested” in speaking with him.