Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update 1/22

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Fox 8′s Stefani Schaefer provided a new update on her husband, Roger, on her Facebook page Tuesday night.

Roger fell from scaffolding last April and is recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Tuesday afternoon, he had surgery. Stefani gave us the following update afterward:

“Surgery is over… and was successful. The infected shunt is out! Roger is slowly waking up… but just exhausted from the meningitis. Now… the docs say they need to clear up the infection and will replace the shunt in about 2-3 weeks. Thank God for modern medicine… amazing doctors and nurses… and the will to survive! Thank God for all of YOU! My precious friends and Prayer Warriors!!!!”

Earlier in the afternoon, Stefani posted: “They just took Roger in for surgery…. thank you for your strength and prayers. I will update you soon.”

Here was Stefani’s post Monday night:

“You are all amazing… thank you for the awesome prayers and encouragement. It does appear that Roger has bacterial meningitis – the infectious disease doctors believe the infection is located in the region of his brain where the shunt is…. so they are planning on removing the shunt tomorrow and putting in a “temporary” shunt until they can get a handle on the infection. It looks like they are going to do the surgery late morning or early afternoon – we are all sort of “on call” for when they can get him in the O.R. Planning on going in to work tomorrow – and then to the hospital. I can not THANK YOU enough for helping me storm the gate with all these prayers!!! I know God is hearing all of you and helping Roger fight! Sleep tight…. and be careful driving in this weather!”

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