Area Sees Coldest Day of Year

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WILLOUGHBY, Ohio -- Severe winter weather dumped several more inches of snow on the snowbelt Tuesday.

A Lake Effect Snow Warning is in effect for Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake and Ashtabula counties until Wednesday morning. A Wind Chill Advisory is active for northern Ohio through Wednesday morning.

"I have on three pairs of socks and two sweatshirts," said Patty Weiss, of Willoughby.

Weiss is among those who bundled up to brave the weather as she dug her way of the snow in her driveway.

"I wanted to clear it for my husband when he comes home from work," said Weiss. "I did part of my driveway and had to go in to put mittens on to keep the hands together while I warmed them up for while. I just don't like the bitter cold but the snow, that's OK."

It was a tough day at work for the lot attendants at Classic Cadillac in Mentor.

"I removed the snow off the cars this morning," said Rob Poe, a lot attendant. "And as you can see, the snow is piled back up."

Poe has to bundle up to clear all 200 cars in stock.

"If it snows a lot, I'd say I spend about half my day out here," said Poe. "You have to clear off the hood, the top, and make sure the Classic Cadillac symbol is showing, as well as the price."

Tuesday is the coldest day of the year so far.

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