Police Search for Stolen Credit Card Suspects

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LORAIN, Ohio -- Police are searching for three people suspected of stealing a woman’s credit cards and then going on a shopping spree.

Elsie Velazquez had forgotten the credit cards inside her vehicle, tucked beneath the garage door opener.

The car was parked in her driveway on Appleseed Dr. on the Westside of Lorain near Amherst.

She thinks she may have also accidently left her door unlocked.

The next day, when she got into the car to go to work it appeared fine, except for a piece of paper lying on the passenger’s seat.

But she didn’t think much of it at the time.

That is until the banks began calling her saying the credit cards had been maxed out in a very short amount of time.

Two men and a woman were caught on surveillance video at the Walmart and Super Kmart on Leavitt Rd.

They spent about $1,000 on one credit card and an additional $400 on a second card.

“It’s scary that anybody can use anybody’s credit card,” said Elsie Velazquez, “These were guys and my name is a female name and nobody questioned them.”

A neighbor’s car was also rummaged through, but detectives don’t know yet if the thefts are related.

Police say this past year there were 98 similar cases of credit card thefts.

“It was very inconvenient, because it was the holidays so I was going to use the cards,” said Ms. Velazquez.

Elsie’s now trying to get her good credit straightened out, and has resolved to be more careful with her credit cards and locking her car doors. But she says the New Year won’t truly be happy until the trio that took her credit cards is arrested.

If anyone has information about the suspects or if they think they may have been victimized as well they should call Lorain Police Detective Steve Curry at 440-204-2166.