Controversial Pet Feeding Ban Passes

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BARBERTON, Ohio – The Barberton city council approved a controversial ordinance Monday that makes it a crime to feed a pet outdoors at night.

The ordinance makes it a minor misdemeanor for anyone to feed a pet outdoors at night, even on your own property, unless the animal is in an enclosed pen.

The eight-member city council unanimously approved the proposed ordinance that also requires that all outdoor pet food has to be cleaned up at night.

Scofflaw pet feeders will get slapped with a $50 fine.

Bill Judge, the mayor of Barberton, previously told Fox 8 they want to ban nighttime pet feeding for health and safety reasons.

“It attracts unwanted animals at night: raccoons, possums and skunks,” Judge said.

“We are trying to help the domesticated animals. There are safety issues if there are rats or rodents running around."

More than a dozen cat lovers attended the meeting with a handful speaking out against the ordinance before it was voted on.

"Is the Barberton resident going to be treated as a criminal and fined? I believe so, and if you don't feed your outside dog or cat, your pet's health will suffer and you will be in violation of the Ohio Revised Code," Dr. Nancy Somerick of Barberton said after the vote.

There are still questions as to how the ordinance will be enforced.

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