Student Charged For Creating Hit List

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STOW, Ohio-A Stow Munroe Falls High School freshman has been charged with menacing and disorderly conduct after police say he created a hit list while in class.

Stow Police Chief Louis Dirker says the boy and other classmates were joking around last week when the student began writing a list, which included three names.

“One boy made an off the wall comment and this boy started writing some things down and one of the school officials did actually retrieve this list, and couple names on it, and this boy had no real problems with these people,” Dirker said.

The chief says a female student overheard the discussion about the hit list and notified her mother. The girl’s mother than contacted school officials. The boy has also been suspended from school.

Dirker says he does not believe the student intended to do any harm.

The police chief stressed that his department takes these matter seriously.

That is why they did a complete investigation and filed charges against the student.

“The message here is, kids have to be aware of what they are saying, causing alarm,” Dirker said. “With all the problems we have had in school shootings you just don’t joke about things like this.”

The school's superintendent was in meetings Thursday and could not be reached to discuss the issue.

The chief added that he believes the school district took appropriate action by contacting the police and notifying all the parents.