LIVE VIDEO & BLOG: Indians Talk Trade

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CLEVELAND– The Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds and Arizona Diamondbacks completed a three-team trade on Tuesday night. 

Wednesday afternoon, Indians General Manager Chris Antonetti, will be talking about the trade.

The Indians acquired right-handed pitchers Trevor Bauer, Matt Albers and Bryan Shaw from the Diamondbacks and outfielder Drew Stubbs from the Reds in exchange for Shin-Soo Choo, infielder Jason Donald, pitcher Tony Sipp and Lars Anderson and cash. 

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:14 pm

Antonetti: the way we look to improve is going to come from guys getting better, guys already on roster.. bringing guys from outside to help guys already here.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:13 pm

Antonetti: best way to improve pitching is to improve defense.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:12 pm

Antonetti: more outfield alternatives that could be good fits for us.. not sure that will come to fruition for us. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:11 pm

Antonetti: we have two outfielders both capable of playing the center field.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:11 pm

Antonetti: I want to make sure we’re in a better position to score.. that’s our focus.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:10 pm

Antonetti: Shaw’s a guy we’ve known about since the draft.. had an interest in him for awhile.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:09 pm

Antonetti: Choo will be a difficult guy to replace.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:09 pm

Antonetti: we would still like to improve our starting pitching. We think we started to accomplish that yesterday with Trevor.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:08 pm

Antonetti speaking about Trevor (Bauer): we have a comfortable level with him. Trevor has made some adjustments since he was drafted.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:06 pm

Antonetti: our preference is two-team deals. In this case, it came together relatively quickly.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:05 pm

Antonetti: we wanted to focus on guys on the Major League level. All the guys we got spent time in the Major League last year.

Kara Sutyak December 12, 20124:04 pm

Chris Antonetti: we gave up a very good player in Shin-Soo Choo. We feel we were able to get good guys.