LIVE BLOG: Officials Address Deadly Force Used in Police Chase


CLEVELAND — A list of the 13 police officers involved in the deadly police chase and shooting was released Monday afternoon. Two suspects died.

It was announced that the Bureau of Criminal Investigation will be the lead investigator in the case. Officials say they will investigate Thursday’s deadly police chase in a “thorough and timely manner.”

Anyone who saw something that might assist in the investigation should call BCI at 855-BCI-OHIO.

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Follow along in our live blog, below:

Jessica Dabrowski December 6, 201211:19 pm

Community raises concerns about race, lag time in investigation at use of deadly force forum.


Kara Sutyak December 4, 20124:55 pm

The Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office says Timothy Russell was shot 23 times during a deadly police chase.

Lindsay Buckingham December 4, 201212:15 pm

According to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office, Malissa Williams was shot 24 times in the head, neck, trunk and left arm by police officers.

Jessica Bates December 3, 201210:58 pm

A local councilman wants money put aside for cameras to be installed inside police cruisers in light of last week’s deadly police chase.


Kara Sutyak December 3, 20127:05 pm

The family of one of the suspects in the deadly police chase talks to Fox 8 I-Team reporter, Jack Shea. They say this case raises a lot of questions.


Kara Sutyak December 3, 20125:02 pm

Police release the names of the 13 police officers, involved in a deadly police chase and shooting investigation.


Kara Sutyak December 3, 20124:30 pm

Dozens of people gathering at a police protest, in response to the deadly police chase.

Kara Sutyak December 3, 20124:18 pm

Dashcam video is just released, of the moments during a deadly police chase.


Jessica Bates December 3, 20124:18 pm

The NAACP has released a statement regarding the deadly police chase. Read the statement below.


Kara Sutyak December 3, 20123:08 pm

Sheriff: too early to take questions

Kara Sutyak December 3, 20123:08 pm

Sheriff: the BCI will be the lead agency. There are many interviews to be conducted. We will investigate in a thorough and timely manner.. this will be handled fairly and objectively

Kara Sutyak December 3, 20123:07 pm

East Cleveland Police Ralph Spotts: we will be seeking help from the sheriff’s department as well as BCI, in this situation. It’s very early in the investigation..we want to assure everyone we will all be working together to do what’s right

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 20121:05 pm

Mayor Frank Jackson speaks at Monday’s news conference.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:40 pm

McGrath: We usually wait 48 hours to release police officers’ names. East Cleveland will have to release names.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:39 pm

McGrath: Investigation will make some determination on why the gentleman (suspect) wouldn’t stop during the chase.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:38 pm

McGrath: Haven’t been able to determine if it was or wasn’t shot fired.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:38 pm

McGrath on the reported shot fired outside Justice Center: People inside JC heard loud noise heard shot, security guard did as well. It initiated incident.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:36 pm

Jackson: There may be mitigating circumstances that may come out during the investigation.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:35 pm

Jackson: Every day that there’s a report of someone getting killed, it bothers me.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:33 pm

McGrath: We need to be very transparent relative to this investigation.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:33 pm

McGrath: 12 of 13 officers Caucasian, 1 Hispanic.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:32 pm

McGrath: We have to answer important questions about pursuit.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:31 pm

McGrath: 13 officers will be back at work tomorrow, placed in “wellness” program. They’ll stay there for about 6 months, maybe longer.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:30 pm

McGrath: These are two very, very sensitive investigations.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:28 pm

McGrath: 13 Officers have not been interviewed yet. Will be at discretion of East Cleveland Police Department.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:28 pm

McGrath: We’ll be piloting personal body cameras on our officers.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:27 pm

Jackson: Police audio tapes released no later than Tuesday morning.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:25 pm

Chief McGrath: Either officers were or they weren’t in compliance with our policies.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:23 pm

Police Chief Michael McGrath: We’re continuing to look at chase route to see if we can locate evidence thrown from vehicle.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:21 pm

Jackson on investigation: We will do what it is we need to do.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:20 pm

Jackson: I’m asking entire community to have patience and continue to work with us to build stronger connections between residents and police officers.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:19 pm

Jackson: We’ll keep community informed. We’re prepared to help community and police officers involved in this incident to help them deal with aftermath.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:18 pm

Jackson: Investigation could take year.

Lindsay Buckingham December 3, 201212:18 pm

Mayor Jackson lists concerns: Supervision of pursuit, how long pursuit lasted, number of officers involved, number of officers involved in final incident, whether different tactic could have been used.