Palm Elementary is a Cool School!

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LORAIN, Ohio --  Palm Elementary was rebuilt and re-opened in 2005 for kindergarten through sixth grade. It's the home of the Panthers.  And, you will find a lot of Panther pride, especially since it has been named a Fox 8 Cool School.

Sixth grader Charlie Bentley said there are many reasons why Palm Elementary stands out.   

“Our chess team is one of the best.  And, another reason is that we have the best teachers around the clock,” he said.

While it is a school, Principal Debbie Pustulka said it feels more like a family.

"Our family is our students and our parents and the community.  We all work together for the sake of the students and increasing their academic skills,” she added.

Here, teaching is aided with technology.  There are smart boards in the classrooms, and, students go to computer lab four times a week. You'll find ipods in the hands of the youngest learners, starting in kindergarten.  

"So, these little guys get started on them right away. They have no fear and it's a wonderful way for them to work with their math and their language and reading,” teacher Anne Keller said.

Academically, the students are improving.  They have moved up from academic watch to continuous improvement.  While most would expect quiet classrooms in school, at Palm Elementary, you're likely to hear a lot of cheering.  They cheer about their successes. 

Not only is Palm Elementary big on recognizing good work, they also recognize those who do good and give back. Students of the month are showcased and beneath this year's giving tree are donated items to benefit the local Animal Protective League.  

"The giving tree is pretty and I'm trying to help the animals at the shelter,” first grader Hannah Valentine said.

They take care of their own.  That's the job of the safety patrol.   

"We watch the doors, make sure nobody is running in the halls, going somewhere without permission,” Fifth grader Nicholas Kerr said.

But, perhaps fifth grader Abby Kishner said it best, “Palm Elementary is the coolest school ever."

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