Barely Alive Dog Found Neglected, Starved

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***Warning: Video has graphic content***

LORAIN, Ohio -- The police are investigating after an emaciated and injured dog was found on the front lawn of an abandoned home on Saturday.

"You can see his ribs, you can see the spine of his scapula, you can see his pelvis bone," said Dr. Thomas Wood from the Lorain Animal Clinic. Wood and his staff are treating the animal who was barely alive when he was brought to the clinic.

"Never seen a fracture located in this area of the dog, where the frontal sinus has been destroyed," said Dr. Wood.

An unidentified caller notified police after the dog was discovered on West 11th Street around noon on Saturday.  Once on the scene, the animal was transported to Dr. Wood's office for evaluation.  According to the police report, the responding officer said, "I have never seen such an emaciated dog, still alive, in my career."

Dr. Wood said the likely pit bull mix weighs less than half what a dog, approximately 6-years-old, should weigh.  

"This fracture happened a while ago and we don't know what happened, if he was hit by a car, if he was beaten by something, but [there's] a complete fracture, the whole front of the dog's skull," said the vet.

The treating veterinarian said the injuries aren't new and the dog, who has no known name, has obviously been denied food for a long time.  Dr. Wood is now focused on stabilizing the dog for a few weeks before he can undergo surgery on his head injury.

"[He] has an excellent temperament, eats right outta your hand, very loving dog," said Dr. Wood.  "Just needs a little more time and some care and a long road to recovery, but hopefully we can get him fixed up."

Lorain police are investigating but no one has been arrested.

If you'd like to help Dr. Wood and Lorain Animal Clinic with the costs associated with the dog's treatment, visit the Lorain Animal Clinic website.