Hurricane Sandy Washes Up 70-Year-Old Love Letters

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Letters washed ashore by Hurricane Sandy have sparked an unusual search for love.

A New Jersey woman discovered a stack of letters during a walk after the storm had passed.

"They were obviously tied with a pink ribbon," said Kathleen Chaney. "So I automatically knew they were love letters."

Chaney was able to read the letters after drying them in front of the fireplace. She found out they were written between 1942 and 1947 by Dorothy Fallon, to her betrothed, Lynn Farnham, of Vermont. She immediately began searching for the couple.

Chaney took her search to the internet, and that's where Dorothy and Lynn's niece found her.

"It kind of sends the message that love conquers all," said Chaney. "In such devastation, something so delicate just washes ashore."