Burglar Breaks Into Home, Eats Ravioli

Posted on: 6:57 am, November 1, 2012, by


GREGG COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — A Gregg County man who stopped to eat a bowl of ravioli while burglarizing a home on Crowder Lane was identified by the red spaghetti sauce around his mouth, according to Lakeport Police.

Michael Don Mitchell, 38, of Longview, has been charged with burglary of a habitation.

Authorities say he broke into the home, stole about $90 in cash, and stopped to eat a bowl of ravioli.

When a Lakeport police officer found Mitchell, he noticed the red spaghetti sauce, which the officer stated was “consistent with the sauce used in Chef Boyardee raviolis.”

Mitchell is being held in the Gregg County Jail on a $10,000 bond.