Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (10/22)

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Fox 8 News in the Morning anchor Stefani Schaefer has given us a lengthy update on her husband Roger’s recovery. She tells us about a major milestone–a trip to the local store–in her latest update.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury in April when he fell off of scaffolding.

Stefani has been updating viewers both on-air and on her Facebook fan page.

On Monday afternoon, she wrote:

“Hope all of you had a nice weekend. They just go by too fast! :-) We were able to take Roger out of the hospital for a little over an hour over the weekend. (He needs lots of rest from his surgery on Friday and the infection he is currently fighting – so we didn’t want to overdo it. Plus with Brain Injured patients, too much stimulation can be overwhelming) So, we drove around and looked at the beautiful fall leaves…. I love this time of year when the trees still have plenty of leaves on them.. but yet the yards of full of them too… so pretty. Roger appreciated being out of the hospital and enjoyed the sights. We also took Roger to a store for the very first time. I thought it might be nice to have some visual stimulation and see something outside of the hospital setting. I was praying to God that things would go well. And, I was SO nervous!!! A million things that could go wrong went through my mind… but I pushed those aside and drove to Hobby Lobby – one of my new favorite places. We had him push the cart so it would be something he could hold on to… like a walker. He did so well! Race and I held him on either side just to steady him. Roger really enjoyed himself and loved looking at all the fall and Christmas decorations. He read the price tags on nearly EVERYTHING! It was cute! He even picked out a new Christmas tree for us. (We need a ladder to put up our old one – and there will be NO ladders in this house especially after Rogers accident). People were so nice… they would pass by us and give us “thumbs up,” or “praying hands” and HUGE smiles. It gave me chills. It felt so good to be out with him… it felt so normal. I can’t wait to take him on more little “outings.” Every little bit helps to open new pathways and I hope make new memories. I am just so blown away when I see him walk and I appreciate how far he’s come and remember the days when we didn’t know if he would ever walk again. I am so blessed and thrilled – but I know it must be so frustrating for him. He’s remained so positive throughout this entire ordeal. But now, I think he is becoming more and more aware as he continues to heal. A nurse told me that he said to her on Friday, “I am trapped in this body and I need to get out.” I was crushed – I just ached for him – it made me so sad. He IS becoming more aware and maybe starting to realize what has happened. But his becoming more aware is also such a good thing – more awareness will help to bring him back. One of my friends explained to me that the brain is like a phone cable carrying thousands of strands of wire and one by one, a technician has to splice those wires back together as they were originally. All of those neurons have to be connected and rerouted by that technician. And that technician is of course, God. It makes so much sense and I know it just takes a very long time. My friend closed the email to me by saying, “Grant me patience Lord…. but hurry.” Made me smile…. SO true. No matter what struggles we have going on in our lives…. we can all relate to that one – right? ;-)

So, now, as I look ahead… I am praying that Roger will be back home with us to put up that beautiful Christmas tree that he picked out. And if he is not ready to be home with us just yet… hopefully, he’ll have a “day pass” from the hospital so we can still put it up and decorate it together. Those traditions will be more important than ever to us – this year especially.”