Charges Filed in Girl Bullied at Bus Stop Case

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East Sparta, Ohio--A man caught in a video allegedly mocking the way a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy walks, has been criminally charged. Bill Bailey, 43, of East Sparta, is now facing a charge each of aggravated menacing and disorderly conduct.

Assistant Canton Municipal Prosecutor Jennifer Fitzsimmons says the disorderly conduct is for Bailey's action caught on tape, and the aggravated menacing charges are due to comments he is alleged to have made to Hope's mother, shortly after the video was taken.

The warrants were issued Friday. Bailey is expected to turn himself in and be in court sometime next week. Bailey's attorney told Fox 8 he could not comment until he reviews the charges.

If convicted of both charges, Bailey could face more than six months in jail.

Bailey, who lives next door to Hope's family, says the two families have been feuding.He has said that he did not intend to make fun of Hope, but had a work injury that caused him to walk with a limp.

Hope's family disagree, saying Bailey was walking fine before and after the video was taken.   

Hope's family says they are hoping the attention being paid to this case will stop all forms of bullying.

A website was created in that interested, called Hope to Stop Bullies.

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