Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (10/15)

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Fox 8 News in the Morning anchor Stefani Schaefer on Monday told viewers of her rollercoaster weekend related to her husband's recovery.

Back in April, Roger fell from scaffolding and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Since then, Stefani has included viewers and her Facebook fans in the ups and downs of his recovery, especially because of the outpouring support they’ve shown.

Emotions were shaky this weekend for Stefani and her family. She received a call Saturday from Roger's doctors, saying that he was "lethargic" and not doing well.

The concern was over Roger's skull surgery a few months ago, and whether an infection had developed near his brain.

Thankfully, doctors ruled that out.

Roger is, however, being treated for an unrelated infection with antibiotics.

By Sunday, things had turned around with Roger appearing to have one of his best days yet.

Watch above for Stefani's entire update.

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