Pastor Camping on Roof for Charity

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AKRON, Ohio -- Mean what you say and say what you mean.  It’s a message a local pastor has taken to heart.  His message is simple, help others and that message you can say is from above.

If you drive past Eagles Ministry Chapel on Rood Drive in Akron, you may notice something a little strange.

"We thought he was crazy," said Anna Resch, a member of the Eagles Ministry Chapel.

What’s crazy is there is a man living on top of Eagles Ministry Chapel’s roof.

"We got the tent and then I've got sleeping bags in there and then I have an electric blanket to try and keep me warm a little bit," said Robert Moses.

It's not any man, it’s the Pastor of Eagles Ministry Chapel, Robert Moses, who spends a lot of his day passing time.

"Catching up on my reading, I'm reading a book right now 'Broken in the Right Places'," Moses said.

Living on the roof for a week is not a punishment, it's a sacrifice.

"We needed literally to shout it from the roof tops to feed people and to help people that are in need with food," said Moses.

The purpose of Reverend Moses spending an entire week on top of his own church is to fill a small truck full of food, if they can accomplish that, it would be 2,000 pounds worth of goods.

"We're low on the food aspect of it, many people have brought money and we have actually exceeded our $2,000 already and we are just thrilled to death on that," he said.

"We're excited about it, thank the Lord for it," Resch said.

This food and these donations are not just for the poor.

"We could be here in just any moment,” Moses said. “One of us can be in the same situation."

While it may not be the most ideal situation, "It's not comfortable by any means," Moses laughed.

It's a crazy way to spread a message.

"If I'm called crazy, I'm crazy for the Lord," he said.

Moses had to sleep inside the Church on Monday night because the roof became too slippery.  He took his perch on top of the roof on Sunday and will come off the roof for good on Saturday.