Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (10/5)

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Fox 8 News in the Morning anchor Stefani Schaefer shared some positive news on her Facebook Fan Page on Friday relating to her husband’s recovery.

Roger suffered a severe head injury when he fell off of scaffolding in April.

Since then, viewers have responded with an outpouring of support for Stefani and her family.

In her latest post, Stefani wrote, “Your Awesome prayers are being answered!”

Stefani’s entire post, in her own words, explains why…

“Some good news yesterday. Back when Roger was in a coma, he had developed a blood clot in his leg. Since he had such massive bleeding on his brain, he was not a candidate for blood thinners or even surgery to remove the clot since he wasn’t stable enough at the time. Doctors instead implanted a filter or umbrella like device that would catch any clots if they let loose and protect them from entering the heart or lungs – which could have been fatal. Yesterday, an ultrasound revealed that the blood clot dissolved. The doctor wants to remove the filter… surgery in a few weeks. So, that was good! He also had a CT Scan of the brain… waiting results of that test. So… your Awesome prayers are being answered! I can not thank you ENOUGH!!!

This past Sunday evening, I hosted the Dog’s Unlimited Rescue’s annual Muttsquarade Ball at Moxie. It was my first public appearance since Roger’s accident… and it was very bittersweet. Roger has always gone to the events with me. This year, I took our children, Race and Siena. Siena sang a song while a video of dogs who have been rescued by DUR played behind her. It was very touching. I wanted to share another video with you… it is from the event itself… and you’ll see some of the dogs who were rescued by DUR and who are up for adoption. Gina Lutes-Finley, the director, also recently rescued some dogs displaced by Hurricane Isaac. Their photos are on the website – ( Here’s the video of our event, courtesy of Michael Cavotta Productions ( If you are considering adding a fury baby to your family, I hope you consider one of these amazing animals. Here’s the video link: