Dick Goddard’s Woollybear Winter Forecast

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It is the question people across Northeast Ohio are asking, “Will our winter be mild or wild?”

For this answer, the fuzzy caterpillars may hold the answer.

At last year’s Woollybear Festival, our fuzzy forecasters told us that the season would not be as severe as the previous winter.

No one, including the caterpillars, computers and almanacs foresaw just how mild it would be.

The surprise eruption of a volcano on Iceland diverted the planetary airflow, resulting in record late-winter warmth in Ohio and the eastern United States.

But this year, we may not be so lucky.

The woollybears are predicting a return to more normal temperatures this winter with snowfall at or just above normal, unless of course another volcano blows its top.

Always remember… Mother Nature bats last.

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