William Cullen Bryant is a Cool School!

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CLEVELAND -- Outstanding recognition is nothing new for William Cullen Bryant Elementary School in Cleveland's Old Brooklyn neighborhood.

This Cleveland public school has been named the Best of the Best among urban schools in American. It has also been rated "Excellent" on the state report card and it is tops in the accelerated reading program. And, the students and staff are excited to be named this week's Fox 8 Cool School.

From Kindergarten through 8th grade, academics takes top priority at William Cullen Bryant School. The focus is on each student and teaching with individual attention.

Intervention Specialist Wendy Rose-Geiling said that means knowing each student's strength and weaknesses. "So, not only are we academically supporting them, but we also look at what do they need in the classroom to be successful."

3rd Grader Morgan Leary thinks she knows why William Cullen Bryant is such a cool school.  "All the teachers help all the kids and we do a lot of fun stuff," she said.

William Cullen Bryant prides itself as a full inclusion school, meaning no child is left behind. Intervention Specialists are in the classroom.  And, for the at-risk student, it's like having two teachers. "Based on disability or grade level, we make sure that everybody is receiving an academic rich environment," Intervention Specialist Sarah Powlak said.

While it is still a school, for many it's more like a family.  "Everyone cares for each other and I find that cool. That everyone around is there for you. So, us being all together is what makes us cool," 7th grader Bailey Wright added.

Teacher, faculty and parent involvement is a great asset for children's learning. It is common to find a parent volunteer in the classroom, helping the children achieve.

2nd Grader Xavier Matos may have had the simplest reason why William Cullen Bryant is such a cool school.  "Because all the teachers are nice and every kid's good in here," he said.

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