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Man Turns Good Deal Into Good Deed

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By Kate Cagle

Portland, OR (KPTV) — It’s no secret there are stolen bikes for sale every day in Portland, often priced far below market value.

But when a transient offered to sell a three-speed Linus roadster to a pedicab driver for $40, the man decided to turn a good deal into a good deed.

“He saw that it was a fairly nice bike and it had our sticker on it,” said Clever Cycles repair manager Jeremy Scholz.

Instead of happily riding off with his new wheels, the man bought the $700 bike with two $20 bills and took it back to Clever Cycles.

“We were able to look at the serial number on the bike itself and run it through our point of sales system and get the original purchaser,” Scholz said.

As it turned out, someone was missing his bike.

The owner had logged on to and added the serial number to the stolen bike registry. He also filed a police report.

Just one phone call from Scholz, and it was time for a reunion.

“He was super surprised because it had been about a month since it was stolen and the bike was still in fairly good shape,” Scholz said. “All the pieces were intact and he had pretty much given up on it.”

The bike’s owner couldn’t be reached for an interview, but he left the following post on Reddit:

“Why I love Portland: Someone bought my stolen Linus bicycle from a bum for $40 and returned it to Clever Cycle because it had their sticker on the frame. Thanks whoever you are!”