SEEN ON TV: 9/21/12

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Here are the SEEN ON TV web links for Friday, September 21, 2012.

  • Click here for Stefani’s latest update on her husband’s condition
  • Click here for information on the Lake Humane Society’s Car Raffle
  • Click here for the Bath Police Department’s Hidden in Plain Sight Program
  • Click here for Pet Amber Alert Service
  • Click here to read about good news for WJW DirecTV customers
  • Click here for Fox 8 News Expanded Weekend News Information
  • Click here for information on Rockin’ The Schools
  • Click here for information on West Nile Virus
  • Click here for information on Fox 8 Pet Promotion
  • Click here for Rock ‘n’ Roll Cleveland Half Marathon
  • Click here for Browns Single Game Ticket Sales
  • Click here for information on the Career of the Day
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