Owner: ‘Nuisance’ Club Was Unfairly Targeted

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS — It’s the last dance for a local nightclub that leaders in a Cleveland suburb have decided is a public nuisance, but the bar’s owner says the club is being unfairly targeted.

Myxx Restaurant and Lounge opened up on Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights about one year ago.  At the end of the month it is being forced to shut its doors.

“We’re just a regular bar, restaurant, lounge, you know.  We have live music, bands, DJ’s, we serve food, drinks,” explained Myxx’s manager, Stephen Tate.

“I’m actually counting the days til they’re over and October first is the day they’ll be closed,” said Cleveland Heights Mayor Edward Kelley.

Mayor Kelley says the city declared Myxx a nuisance last month, citing numerous complaints from neighbors in recent months.

“There was a mob of over 300 people who were urinating on the boulevard,” said neighbor Deb Gary.  “Carrying alcohol, fighting, yelling, a nuisance to the quality of life.”

“People were fighting, I saw one person urinating, throwing bottles, it just was an out of control crowd in a residential neighborhood,” said neighbor John Bell.

“With any club, yeah, there’s noise.  Our music isn’t played that loud, if you go outside you can barely hear it when our doors are shut,” said Tate.

Tate and the owner, Kim Lisboa, who did not want to talk on camera, say there have never been problems inside the club, and feel the ones they know about outside do not warrant shutting the bar down.  They say their crowd is mostly young African-Americans.

“And I think that’s the real issue of why we’re a nuisance and we have to shut down…especially on the weekends, there’s four, five, six, maybe seven cop cars just circling the block like sharks pulling anybody and everybody over,” Tate said.

“I would have no idea who goes in and out of there.  Now when I was there for the grand opening, the crowd was 100 percent white. If people are breaking the law in Cleveland Heights, it doesn’t matter who they are or what they are, they’re gonna be cited and we’re gonna move on,” replied the mayor.

Until it closes, Myxx has agreed to an earlier closing time and to limit its crowd to 400 people.

“I have to make sure that the City of Cleveland Heights is the safest it can be, it’s not safe when this type of behavior and this type of business is operating in my city,” Kelley said.

In June, a police officer was struck while directing traffic in front of Myxx.  The driver was never caught, but the manager says there is no way to prove the driver was someone who had left the club.