I-Team: Accused Corrections Officer’s Past

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ELYRIA, Ohio -- A Lorain County corrections officer, who is now facing an assault charge after allegedly being caught on surveillance video beating an 18-year-old inmate at the jail, has been disciplined eight times in the past nine years.

A review of Officer Marlon Taylor's personnel file shows just last year he received a three-day suspension after an internal investigation was conducted over his arrest in Amherst in 2011. 

He pled no contest to two counts of disorderly conduct by intoxication. 

According to his statement, he told internal affairs officers he was not the aggressor in the fight, but the two arresting officers stated in their reports that Taylor was escorted from the bar and was tasered.

Taylor also was disciplined for time card infractions, failing to document he was doing medical checks on an inmate, and for not properly logging the time he took for his breaks.

The internal on Taylor’s latest allegation was completed earlier this week. 

He is expected to meet with Lorain County sheriff's officials Friday for a predisciplinary hearing. 

At that time he will be able to give his side of the allegations.

"The charges are major offenses.  Like I said, I did a quick review of the report and I will go more in depth by Friday," said Capt. Jim Drozdowski.  "Friday I will meet with Officer Taylor and the union representative."

Sheriff’s officials will then review the matter and decide if he should face discipline for the internal charges. 

Taylor is currently on paid administrative leave, but after the hearing the sheriff can decide if he should be placed on an unpaid leave.

"The sheriff has a lot of latitude on it," Drozdowski said.  "He will evaluate it and yes, it can go from written reprimand, to suspension, to termination.  The sheriff does take this very seriously."

The sheriff was in Columbus and not available to talk to Fox 8 News.  Taylor's legal counsel did not return a call to comment on the matter.