LOOK: Baby Meerkats Born at Cleveland Zoo!

Posted on: 1:24 pm, September 17, 2012, by

Baby meerkats born at the zoo. (Photo Credit: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has welcomed two very small residents to its animal kingdom: baby meerkats!

Zoo officials think one of their meerkat moms gave birth at the end of August to several kits. However, she’s kept them hidden in a tunnel den, as most meerkat mamas do in the wild to protect their young from predators.

“We decided it would be better for the health and welfare of the kits to not disturb them by entering the exhibit and allow them time to bond with their mother,” Curator of Animals Andi Kornak said. “Consequently, we are not sure exactly how many of them there may be total, but we do have visual confirmation on three individuals.”

Meerkats are native to southern Africa. Their known for their inquisitive nature, foraging habits and pack-like lifestyle.

Want to see the babies? Head the African Elephant Crossing at the Cleveland Zoo.

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