Driver Leaves Boy at Wrong Bus Stop

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By WINK News

Lee County, FL (WINK) -- It was a terrifying experience for a 9-year-old Estero boy. Friday afternoon, he was dropped off at the wrong bus stop and WINK News is learning the driver that left him on the side of Old 41 in Bonita Springs is being investigated.

Friday afternoon, Ryan Scott got on the wrong bus at Pinewoods Elementary School. As soon as he realized it, he told the bus driver, he wasn't where he was supposed to be. "She said I wasn't special, no one is special, so get off the bus," says Ryan.

The 4th grader was supposed to get dropped off at Bonita Springs Rec. Center, but instead was dropped off more than a mile away on Old 41.

Donna Whalen, Ryan's mother, says, "she told him it was the last stop and to get off the bus."

Knowing his mom works at the post office in Naples, Ryan knew that would be a safe place to go. "I thought my mom was there because she has two works. My mind went blank. I thought downtown was right there, instead of all the way up there," he says.

Ryan walked to the post office on Old 41 and asked a worker standing outside if he could use their phone. That's when his mom got a call at work.

"I started to cry. I was shocked," says Whalen. "She didn't make any phone calls or try to bring him back to the school or take him where he was supposed to go. It was just, oh well, you're not special, get off the bus."

Whalen tells WINK News she filed a complaint with Lee County School's Transportation Department. She was told on Sunday they would look at the cameras on the bus and get back to her, but she has yet to hear from them again.

"It's scary as a parent. You don't want to see any child go through this. I don't think the bus driver should have a job anymore," says Whalen.

The Lee County School District tells WINK News they received the complaint and are investigating the incident, but they would not release any further details.