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Where’s the Bear? City of Hudson Announces Sighting

(File photo credit: Ohio Department of Natural Resources)

(File photo credit: Ohio Department of Natural Resources)

HUDSON, Ohio — The City of Hudson released a statement on Friday tracking bear sightings across local neighborhoods.

According to Jody Roberts, Communications Manager for Hudson, residents reported seeing the bear near American Fireworks on Darrow Road. 

It then headed east on Hudson Aurora Road near Glen Echo Drive.

It is believed to be the same bear seen in Streetsboro on Thursday.

The bears that have been spotted recently are generally not aggressive, Roberts said, but people are advised to refrain from approaching the animals.

Small children and pets should not be left alone outside until the area is clear.

Residents may do their part to keep neighborhoods bear-free by keeping food and trash inside until garbage pickup, cleaning grills and putting animal feeders up high.