App Helps Take Confusion Out of Concussions

Concussion App

AVON LAKE, Ohio — Cleveland researchers are using a new app to try to clear up the confusion when it comes to concussions. 

Preseason baseline testing is being done on contact sports athletes at area schools where the Cleveland Clinic has athletic trainers.

The app is called the “C-3,” or Cleveland Clinic Concussion App. 

It tests an athlete’s memory, reaction time and balance, then stores the information on an iPad. 

Dr. Jay Alberts, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Concussion Center, said if a student suffers a head injury, the data can be compared to see if there is a concussion. 

“And then we can identify which specific area is affected, in terms of, is it more affected in balance?  Are they more affected in dynamic visual acuity or cognition?” Dr. Alberts said.

Avon Lake High School football player Garrett Easterly, 17, believes he may have had a slight concussion before. 

“Usually you get hit hard and you just kind of suck it up.  But now you actually have something to refer to.  Now, I have a baseline, so it will help a lot,” Garrett, who is a senior, said.

The assessment is usually done within 12 hours of an injury and can be repeated in the days and weeks that follow. 

Comparing the information also helps to determine how the student athlete will be treated and gives a more objective assessment on when the athlete can safely return to the playing field.

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