Former Fairview High Principal Avoids Jail Time For Theft In Office

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – The former principal of Fairview High School will not go to prison for stealing cash from the school’s student-activity accounts.

Fox 8 News cameras were in court when Kevin Liptrap, 47, of Bay Village learned of his sentence for stealing approximately $50,000 from the school’s student-activity accounts over a two-year span.

Liptrap had previously pleaded guilty to a felony count of theft in office and faced the possibility of a one to five year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.

Instead Judge Joan Synenberg sentenced Liptrap to five-years of community service and 90-days in a half-way house.

Synenberg ordered that Liptrap pay full restitution to the school and he has been forced to forfeit his school pension.

Liptrap was first confronted by school officials about the suspected theft in October of 2010. He quickly thereafter resigned his position at the school.

At Liptrap's house, Fairview Park Police seized $5,000 in his possession, which was stolen from the school.

A special audit of the school finances was then conducted and tied Liptrap to the theft.