Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (6/13)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Fox 8′s Stefani Schaefer gave an update Wednesday night on her husband’s condition.

Stefani said she is still coping with the highs and lows of Roger’s recovery, but that the journey is filled with “hope and faith.”

She was elated Tuesday when, with the help of two nurses, Roger stood up. She gave him a hug and was overwhelmed to tears when he embraced her back.

Then, a few hours later, he suffered a seizure. It was a moment Stefani described as “terrifying.”

Feelings of joy returned on Wednesday, when Roger began writing on a piece of paper.

“We couldn’t read what he was writing at first, but he did it with purpose. Just that was a beautiful sight to see,” Stefani said.

All along, she has been updating her Facebook fan page to let everyone know how Roger is doing. What follows is her complete post from Wednesday night:

“So many ups and downs over the last few days. Yesterday, with a nurse on each side helping to pull him and support him, Roger stood up. The nurses let me hug him. It was overwhelming. He hugged me back – I was overjoyed to tears. He sat up in a chair and flipped, page by page, through photo albums. He was taking it all in. A few hours later, he suffered a seizure. Thankfully, a doctor and his mother and I were in the room with him at the time. I was screaming for help and brought in nurses to assist. It was terrifying. Then, today… it was a good day – Thank God. We gave him a pen and paper and he started writing. We couldn’t read what he was writing at first, but he did it with purpose. Just that was a beautiful sight to see. Then, a few minutes later, he started writing letters and numbers and wrote “April 24” that was 3 days before his accident. I couldn’t believe he could write. Even if the numbers and letters were mixed up and didn’t make sense – It was thrilling. The highs and lows and roller coaster ride continues. Today, a neurosurgeon said to me… “He is making a remarkable recovery.” I couldn’t agree more. As I’ve said before, we have such a long way to go on this journey… but this journey is full of Hope and Faith. God is so good and so are all of you. I will keep you posted. xo

Keep checking Stefani's Facebook fan page for further updates, and please, if you are able, continue to pray for Roger.