Hundreds Attend Vigils for Brunswick Students Killed in Car Crash

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BRUNSWICK, Ohio -- Hundreds of students come together to remember their classmates who were involved in a deadly car crash.

The accident happened shortly after 12 a.m. Sunday morning on Boston Road.

Sunday night, two prayer vigils took place in honor of three Brunswick High School students who passed away and two other teens who remain hospitalized.

A day that was supposed to be filled with celebration began with tears of sadness. Just hours before the Brunswick High School seniors received their diplomas, students were dealt a devastating blow.

“It was graduation morning and we woke up knowing two of the kids graduating with us, who are just lovely people who everyone adores won't be there and that was just crazy news to hear,” said one senior.

During the graduation ceremony, the crowd made sure to honor the students who were involved in the crash. “They called their names and everyone cheered for them. The whole place was going crazy for them, they will be in our hearts forever.”

“It's tough to think about, people who you grew up with, unexpectedly they die out of nowhere,” said student Richie Norman. “It just feels unreal.”

Students who were friends with Jeffrey Chaya, 18, and Blake Bartchak,17, say the teens were role model students.

“They were part of the football team and they were just great leaders, always smiling, full of life. It’s just going to be hard to see football without them,” said student David Dickinson.

Julia Romito remains hospitalized. Lexi Poerner did not survive, but her boyfriend, 18-year-old Kevin Fox, who loves rugby and hockey is still clinging to life.

“I love seeing him, I just want him to be better, we are all rooting for him. The people who passed already, it’s shocking. We just need everyone to support and pray for them and their families,” said one senior.

Kevin Fox’s family said they would like to thank the community for the overwhelming support and prayers. While they continue to pray for the other families affected, Kevin’s mother wants everyone to know, “her son is fighting and he’s still here.”

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