Browns LB Scott Fujita Suspended for 3 Games

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — The NFL suspended Browns linebacker Scott Fujita for his role in the New Orleans Saints bounty gate. Now, Fujita’s teammates are reacting to the news.

“That’s a bummer for our team.  He is an extremely talented player, but more than that, he is a guy who you can lean on in the locker room,” said Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.

Fujita was suspended for three games without pay, despite saying he only paid players for big plays like fumbles and interceptions. The suspension will cost Fujita $645,000.

So does the punishment fit the crime?

“Can’t even argue about it. What I think really doesn’t matter,” Browns defensive back Usama Young said.

Fujita’s suspension will play a key part in the first three games of the season.  Not only is the linebacker a leader on the team, but he is a leader on the defense.

“He’ll be around the facility. He will be able to guide the guys behind him, the young guys or everybody on the team,” said Young.

“Scott is a heck of a leader and a heck of a player and whenever this thing is over, we look forward to having him back,” said Browns Tight End, Evan Moore.

Fujita has not commented on the suspensions but is expected to appeal.