Man Charged With Throwing 3-Month-Old from Porch

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An Akron area man has been charged for allegedly injuring his child during a domestic dispute.

Akron Police tell Fox 8 News that 28-year-old Carl C. Honorable, 28, of West North Street in Akron, was recently arrested on several charges including felonious assault and felony child endangering.

Police say on March 24th, Honorable came home intoxicated and got into an argument with his baby’s mother.

During the course of the argument Carl went into the house and put the couple’s three-month-old daughter into a car seat, but did not buckle the child into the seat.

Police say he brought the child out onto the front porch and told the child’s mother that he was leaving with the baby.

As the couple continued arguing, Carl threw the baby off the top step of the porch onto the ground.

The child tumbled out of the car seat and onto the ground. Authorities were called, and the baby was taken to Akron Children’s Hospital for treatment. While being treated for her injuries, the baby was found to have a broken left leg that occurred prior to being tossed from the porch.

Akron Police say that additional charges are expected to be filed against Honorable.