North Ridgeville Middle School

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Hunger Games in the classroom, penny wars, spirit days, crazy hair day, doesn't it all sound fun? This is just a typical day at North Ridgeville Middle School and that's why it's this week's FOX 8 Cool School.

You better believe the students at North Ridgeville Middle School are excited to show off their school.

"NRMS rocks," said eighth grader Jamie Docherty.

These kids to do it all.

"Web Leader is where the 8th graders, we take the 6th graders, show them around the school and teach them some of our 8th grade knowledge," said Zachary Goodman an eighth grader.

They can sing and they love to read.

"The Hunger Games book has not only motivated me to read more but to open up to reading different genres," said Shelby Bonness a sixth grader.

These students aren't even old enough to vote, but that is not stopping them from learning about the election process.

"We had a full school, full blown out student council election where we simulated the process of a real election," Andrew Scente an eighth grader said.

When it comes to giving, these kids aren't shy either. They had a Penny War between the 930 students at the school and the result was overwhelming.

"We collected them and faced a very difficult but overlooked job of counting everything up and we took about a week to do that, we raised over $2,000," said Scente.

The school spirit doesn't end there. 25 students are part of the National Junior Honors Society.

"It's so cool, I love it," said Suzy Hales. "We have meetings every first and third Friday of the month and I always look forward to them and we do really fun things, I love it."

The Rangers get it done in the classroom and on the athletic field. The boys' basketball team has even earned Championship status.

"Our basketball program is a really stable foundation," seventh grader Seth Burke said. "Our coaches help us so much. They help us power through on our days when we feel like we are down, make us train harder than we really want to."

What makes North Ridgeville Middle School a FOX 8 Cool School? Well, that depends on who you ask. The teachers say it's all about the students, the students say it's all about the teachers.

"We can have a good education and still have fun while we are doing it," said Goodman.

"Some teachers even go as far as dressing up in costumes, organizing events like assembly's, it just makes school an interesting place to be," Scente said.

"Thank you FOX8 for making us a cool school," shouted all 930 students!