Telich’s Take; Klutch Kyrie The Next Mr. Big Shot

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I have resisted the urge.

Its been coming up almost every day. The comparisons.

Pitting one star who owned the town against the newest sensation.

But I can’t resist anymore.

I will take Kyrie Irving over Lebron James in a battle of clutch time.

Call the Cavs number one pick Klutch Kyrie. He continues to send daggers into the hearts of opponents. On Wednesday night in the Mile High City of Denver , he sent the Nuggets supporters back to sea level with a twisting-fade-away-falling-down layup with 4 ticks left to secure the Cavs victory.

Its becoming routine. Like seeing political ads that knock the opponent.

So, the question comes up. Would you take Kyrie Irving over LeBron James when it comes down to taking the final decisive shot?

I am won over. I would take the ex-Dukie instead of the current Miami Heat superstar.

By my calculations he has made the clutch plays in 4 wins so far. He has only played in 33 pro games. That’s a darn good average.

Adding fuel to the debate is Jame’s habit of giving up the “rock” when its time to talk. Irving seems to not have any hesitation when the blood pressure soars and the chest muscles constrict. Try sinking a basket when wearing a strait-jacket. Irving does time and time again.

When Kyrie calls it a career many years in the future, the twisting layup he made against the Boston Celtics on January 29th will seem like a distant memory. That was the first time Irving drew blood from an opponent, like a vampire, satisfying thirst. And on that night in late January, Irving made the move with barely an expression on his face, like this is what he was supposed to do. He says he visualized moments like that. The great ones do. Michael Jordan used to see himself delivering and at last count, Mr. Jordan is in the Basketball Hall of Fame

Who is the better player? No doubt its Lebron who is on his way to perhaps his 3rd MVP award in the past 4 seasons. James ability to guard just about any sized player, plus his offensive talents make things slant in his favor.

But, when the clock becomes unfriendly in an arena where the fans are screaming, the noise is unbearable AND you make the shot against the odds; that’s when people start talking about legends. Legends, because enough of those money shots made mean there are trophies on the line.