Remembering Danny: The Parmertors Honor Their Son

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CHARDON, Ohio --

Bob and Dina Parmertor say their son Danny was a jokester and fun-loving young man who was full of life. They say it's hard to believe he lost his life, along with two others, at the hands of a lone gunman who opened fire inside the Chardon High School cafeteria just two days ago.

Dina Parmertor says, "It's unreal. I don't like it, and I'm mad, I'm sad, and I have all emotions for Danny and those other students."

Mrs. Parmertor says she was driving home from her nursing job Monday morning, when she turned on the radio and heard the news that there had been a shooting at Chardon High School. She says, "I immediately tried to call him, he didn't text me back. He didn't call me back, and it made it worse."

Parmertor would eventually get a call from Danny's phone, but it was a paramedic on the other end.  "They just told me, 'You have to go to Metro right now. They're life-flighting Danny.' And I said, 'Let me talk to him,' and he wouldn't put him on the phone.  It was weird."

When the Parmertors arrived at the hospital, they would find their son unresponsive.  His father, fighting through the tears, describes his son's final moments: "We're telling him, 'Fight, Dan fight!  You can do it man, do it for us.' We're holding him, and we got to say we love him."

Danny leaves behind his parents, two siblings and the entire community that has come together to mourn the loss of Danny and two others, Russell King, Jr. and Demetrius Hewlin, all killed allegedly at the hands of fellow classmate, T.J. Lane.

The Parmertors have yet to reach out to the families of the other victims, but say they plan to in the near future.

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