One Heartbeat: Show Your Support for Chardon

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The worst situations often have a way of bringing out the best in people.

That was the case across northeast Ohio in the days after a young gunman shot five students at Chardon High School, killing three of them.

Not only did members of the Chardon community attend vigils and wear school colors (red and black) in support of the victims, other schools sent messages of support as well.

Students from Ledgemont Schools in Thompson, Ohio posed for a picture that read, “From Our Family To Your Family. Love, Ledgemont Schools.”

They arranged themselves in a heart shape as a nod to the Chardon school motto, “One heartbeat.”

Students at Cardinal High School in Middlefield, Ohio, also sent a message of hope.

They held a large banner that read, “One Heartbeat,” and wore red.

Individuals at Riverside High School in Painesville, Ohio, wore their support on their sleeve, too.

A student snapped a candid photo of many students sporting red shirts.

A number of school districts across northeast Ohio added messages to their websites to express their support and sadness.

But the outpouring was not limited to schools and students.

The tragedy has touched hearts all across the country, and people are paying tribute in their own special ways.

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