Suzanne Stratford’s Fascinating Facts

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  1. I can make a mean apple pie from scratch but can’t cook anything else.
  2. I could live on pizza and eat it three-times a week.
  3. I grew up very poor and I’ve had at least one job ever since I was in 2nd grade when I started delivering papers.
  4. I’ve never had a cavity.
  5. I’m a huge tomboy who broke an index finger playing basketball and a ring finger skateboarding and still love to run.
  6. I could… and have watched Christmas Vacation 10 times in a row and I still laugh every time
  7. Sometimes I miss being in the military and wear my Camo’s working around the house
  8. I got kicked out of the Vatican gift store in Italy for taking too long deciding on which rosary beads to get my mom.