Local No-Kill Animal Shelter Closing its Doors

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BROOKLYN, Ohio—The Brooklyn Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter, is closing down.

"I'm sorry, but we love our animals so much, and they deserve a chance, and a new home," Shirley Palumbo said.

Why would a no-kill shelter filled with clean, roomy accommodations and lots of love have to close?

Palumbo would not go into details, but says it's not about money.

"I really don't want to go into it because it's very painful," Palumbo said.

"I definitely don't think it's a good thing. It's a no-kill shelter," animal lover Shannon Doubler said.

Now, the goal is to find loving homes for the more than 20 cats and three dogs still remaining.

Photos and descriptions of the remaining dogs and cats are up on the Brooklyn Animal Shelter's website.

"Animals need a home and pets are like family," said Berdeen Curtis.

Palumbo said the organization, BOS, Inc., will still help homeless animals by supporting other shelters.

"We're just going to continue to do what we set out to do, just not with our own shelter," Palumbo said.

Many animal lovers are upset to learn the Brooklyn Animal Shelter is shutting down.

"I just think there's not enough. I definitely think there should be more," said Nadine Smith.

"And there's so many animals out there and they need some place to go," said Carrie Boberg.

Palumbo said they will stay open until all of the pets have been adopted or transferred to another no-kill shelter.

The city's animal control officer stopped dropping off animals at the Brooklyn Shelter several months ago, Palumbo said.

Fox 8 News contacted the mayor's office several times to find out where the animals are going, but no one returned our calls.