2011 November General Election Preview

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Millions of Americans will head to the polls today to vote in the 2011 General Election.

Ohioans will elect mayors, city council members, judges of municipal courts, members of boards of education, township trustees and fiscal officers.

In addition, voters will decide on three statewide issues, including the heated debate of Issue 2,  or Senate Bill 5 (SB5).

Issue 2

If supporters of the measure vote to uphold the law, collective bargaining rights for state workers, would be restricted.  Opponents want to the repeal SB5, which they say, among other things, will limit negotiations for safety equipment and training for emergency responders.

Issue 1

A “yes” vote on the ballot would raise the maximum age from 70 to 75 to which a person may be elected or appointed judge. Opponents argue that, under Ohio’s Constitution, candidates 70 and older are not eligible for election.

Issue 3

Backers say the measure will protect the rights of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care insurance. Adversaries say a “no” vote will make health care more secure for working families, and prevent loss of coverage in case of an unexpected illness.

Local Issues

Two of the most talked about ballots are East Cleveland’s red light/traffic cameras debate (Issue 49), and Solon’s Deer Preservation Act (Issue 94).

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said voting to get rid of the cameras would cost dozens of city safety workers their jobs.  Supporters say the cameras need to go because they hurt the poor and impact the community negatively.

In Solon, passage of the Deer Preservation Act means residents would be forbidden to hunt, cull or injure a deer within the city limits.  Opponents say the growing deer population in the city needs to be handled and has become a major problem for motorists.

Key Race

Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic (D) is hoping to be elected into his seventh term as the city’s mayor. He is up against Jennifer Hensal (R), a practicing attorney from West Akron.

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