Dienes Gets Life Sentence for Seven Hills Murder

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A Seven Hills resident who murdered a homeless man in March was, on Tuesday morning, given the maximum sentence of life in prison, Fox 8’s Elisa Amigo reports.

Factoring in his time already served, Frank Dienes, 48, will be eligible for parole in 16 years.

Last week, Dienes pleaded guilty to one count of murder for shooting Joseph Kopp, 58, in the head and then burying him in the backyard of his Oakwood Drive home. A one-year firearm specification was included in the plea as well.

A previously proposed plea deal made by Dienes’ attorney was quashed by prosecutors and Kopp’s family. The defense proposal in September involved a guilty plea to charges that included manslaughter. Under that deal, Dienes could have walked out of prison in 17 years.